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The media is an important part of social life, education, and entertainment. It reflects society and culture, while at the same time changing society and culture because of the content they offer. It is important to recognize that a society’s media system always reflects the power dynamics of that society. To this, every member of the public should be able to participate in debates about the path a society is taking or should take. Subsequently, the media needs to be critical enough to ensure that social accountability is exercised by government and partners in line with promotion and protection of civic space. But also providing a platform for interaction and lobbying activities aimed at enforcing public access to government programs.

UJK coordinator interviewing an elder in Harugale Sub County in Bundibugyo district, area residents demand government to resettle them away from disaster prone areas


Interviewing refugees in Bundibugyo district, they revealed that poverty, limited access to health services, WASH and lack of house hold income among key challenges. They call on government of Uganda to locate them land saying they can’t get back to Congo where insecurity and killing of people is continuing






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