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UJK strives to facilitate the use of media to advance policy initiatives with a purpose of promoting healthy public policies.

Our approach is work with journalists, partners to have a platform that can bring together the duty bearers and the electorates do discuss public interest matters.

UJK works with communities within the vulnerable ecosystems who are taking lead towards catalyzing change in face of climate crisis.

We strengthen capacities of young people getting close to climate crisis by building resilience while telling stories of hope. We do so by mobilizing audiences and stakeholders to drive action and agency, making them powerful partners, and amplifiers, for Climate related project challenges.

UJK provides platforms that include the use of Digital Tools, Radios, Neighborhood Assemblies, and use of community storytelling to amplify the voices and actions of the most affected communities.

We work with communities to respond to environmental crisis through preserving the ecosystem by protecting and planting indigenous trees and ensuring a high survival rate.

UJK is equally cognizant of the many challenges faced by journalists and communities in the region and uses its networking to lobby for “small grants” and other forms of financial assistance to journalists and communities to respond to emergencies including in sickness, torture, relief services, or even death in the line of duty.

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