Royal Family to Revive the Obusinga on the Biblical Pillar

By Julius, Bikeke and Kahungu


The Queen mother Nyamukama Biira Christine is seeking support of all the subjects and other structures to work together to revive the Obusinga on the biblical pillar of Isaya Mukirania. Mumbere’s kingship was doomed by witchcraft and this is a downfall to the instution.


“As a person who fought for the survival of the institution both in the jungles after the death of Isaya Mukirania and also after Mumbere went to USA, it is not good to sit back and see the institution fall” Nyamukama said.



Mumbere Irema-Ngoma has issues with the mother and his brothers ever since he was crowned in the jungles, and this needs to be resolved once and for all.


She says that Omusinga is letting the institution down by continuing to dine with Mulima Yolamu and group even after they confessed before the president that they are behind attacks that left scores in prison and others dead.


Nyamukama says despite what we all know as efforts of the politicians (Mps) she is the only one who secured the release of her son after pleading with the president. The bail was a formality of the court process.


Now, she needs the efforts of all the Banyarwenzururu to form a team that is to meet the president for the Omusinga to be acquitted permanently.


“I labored him nine months, up-brought him, gave him Education, I went to the bush with him and even left my domestic properties there, he went outside the country and left me on ground, i used the same criteria of calling the Banya Rwenzururu for the sustainability of the kingdom. It’s the same thing am going to do its not new. If i betray him am betraying my own son”. The Omusinga Queen mother stated in the Esyomango and Women league meeting at her home.


Despite the fact that Obusinga palace has been cracked down to ash and his Majesty Charles Wesley Mumbere Irema-ngoma being arrested, resident still believe in their Kingdom.


November 2016, royal guards, innocent civilians and children were killed during an excessive joint attack of UPDF and Police who stormed the palace on Sunday afternoon.


According to Moses Ngangasi of Rukoki, what unites us to the Royal family is the Prime Ministerial Commission therefore we don’t see why there should be parallel  lines.


His comment comes after the Queen Mother, seems not to be tolerating the appointed committee by the King.


Currently Omusinga and many others still in prison face close to forty five cases including treason, murder and attempted robbery among other.


The Royal Palace still remains a No-Go-Area despite efforts to by many actors to revive the operationalisation of the Cultural Institution.


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