Researchers, writers and scientists need funding

By Steven Ainganiza

KABAROLE-The Local Government Minister Hon. Tom Butiime wants the government to start injecting funding and investing in researchers, writers and scientists.

He says researchers and authors of books in Uganda are hustling to support themselves and sometimes end up failing before completion of their mission.

The minister explains that in developed counties like Russia, book writers are identified and paid salaries per months as stimulus to conduct more research and write books while in America and France writers are put in Foundations and paid well but Ugandans suffer silently.

Hon. Butiime observed the urgent need for government to look into the issue of supporting Ugandan writers, researcher and scientists if the country is to develop and compete internationally.

He says he will spearhead the move and ensure these writers are identified, recognized and supported for the contributions made to this country.

The minister was on Friday 7th, October, this year launching the revised edition of Runyoro-Rutooro Grammer book by Mr. Kiiza R Ivan Amooti 2016 at Kitumba district headquarters, Fort Portal municipality.

He thanked Kiiza for his work amidst financial challenges and contributed shs2m towards his project but advised writers to expose their talents while they are still young if they are to create impact instead of writing at retirement age.

The District Chairperson Kabarole Mr. Rwabuhinga Richard argued the teachers and head teachers of both primary and secondary to inculcate the culture of reading local language books as a way of enriching and restoring the cultural norms and values in young generation.

He is optimistic that the book will enhance the understanding of the university students pursuing bachelors in Runyoro –Rutooro. Mr. Rwabuhinga however, underscored the need for the National Council Curriculum Centre to introduce teaching of Runyoro –Rutooro at secondary school level since its being taught at University level.

The chairman recommended the Runyoro-Rutooro writers like Dr. Fr.Pascal Kabura Adyeeri, Rev. Richard Baguma Adyeeri, Mr.Moses Ikagobya and late Lazarus Tinkasimiire for changing the attitudes and styles of the people in Tooro kingdom. He bought books for all the primary schools in Kabarole district. ENDS


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