RDC calls on the youth to stop despising jobs

By Bikeke Saimon & Sylivia Kugonza

The youth in Uganda have been advised to be vibrant, hopeful, organized and avoid lamentation on number of issues that retards development in the country.

This was disclosed by Resident District Commissioner Kabarole Asiimwe Stephen that if the youths today change on their attitude towards jobs and mindset change, there would not be more worries of youth unemployment in the country.

The RDC who said that the education system still lack correspondence with the demand of the public interests, emphasized the need to attain qualifications in various disciplines and blamed unemployment to attitude, mindset and lack of entrepreneurship skills among others.

He added that majority youths in Uganda despise jobs where they need white color jobs thus keeping themselves in object poverty.

“The book of lamentation is very big in the bible, others have exaggerated false glory then you are academic accident” Asiimwe said.

He was speaking at a conference the Youth representative and organization leaders’ from western region on Thursday, February 8th, at West end Guest House in Fort-portal, organized by Community Integrated Development Initiatives.

RDC said understanding youth interests and common areas of intervention was key for government in its programs adding that government has exposed the youth and that what is missing is developing their capacity to demand what deserves them.

“The society is we give who demand, you need to demand and there is a lot to demand” Asiimwe stressed.

The engagement organized by Community Integrated Development Initiatives (CIDI) was to crosscheck some key advocacy issues that have been identified a cross range of emerging gaps among the youth which National Youth Advocacy Platform (NYAP) would ponder on.

According to Clento Mumbere Coordinator NYAP, the youth were found to have several policy gaps that required to be addressed. Some gaps were lack of youth participation in government programing, budgeting and governance. Others include high levels of unemployment and a weak youth leadership.

Mumbere said that the National Youth Advocacy Platform will act as an advisory hub for youth engagement with government at all levels through a joint agenda. He advised the youth leaders in their organization to task local authorities involve them when planning for them.

Dan Semakula, the head of good governance and a consultant on advocacy strategy with Community Integrated Development Initiatives (CIDI) said failure to understanding the budgeting cycle is the origin of all youth concerns.

Semakula who said the advocacy knowledge is to benefit the public, questioned how often the local governments does engages youth in budgeting process.

“Let us impress a theory of change, together we stand, when we divide ourselves we fall”, He added.

Among others issues that were raised was the need of modification in some policies around business enterprises in Uganda to enable the youth starters.

Uganda has 77% population as youth under 30 years of age active and productive but many of them challenges stand their way according to the mapping and analysis study report made August 2017 by CIDI.  End

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