Police presides over church worship service


KASESE: Officers and men in Uganda police uniform conducted a religious worship service on Saturday where over six thousand people had attended a Sabbath day which resulted to the collection of over shillings 3 million as donation from police fraternity in Kasese district towards the main entrance doors of the cathedral of Kasese better living centre one of the biggest church in Rwenzori region.

Under the theme “living in harmony” the DPC Patrick Byaruhanga stressed that there’s need to respect one another and work closely with civil and political leaders to maintain law and order basing on Matthew 5:17. “the president of Uganda donated over 300 million and we as police we decided to donate a door worth shillings 5 million so that we can be counted on the big work done in the community” Patrict Byaruhanga the DPC said.

The Rwenzori East district police commander Patrick Byaruhangu who organized and presented the entire fraternity narrated that as police they wish to contribute to such projects but people have decided to segregate them from church and community development saying they don’t like to work with people in uniform yet they all have the same blood.


“I decided to call my parents here so that the public can know that I was also born like other people, as police we have flesh, we have blood and also human being but when you decided to segregate us while in uniform we feel bad yet it’s our job that makes us bad like u can be when given a job” Patrict added.

Byaruhanga the district police commander being the preacher of the day at the seventh-day Adventist better living centre church on behalf of the entire police fraternity explained that as police many people think they are not human being yet the bible is clear in Matthew 5:17 where Jesus said am not coming to remove the laws of Moses but to strengthen them which as police people are also doing in communities.


Partrict added that the laws we implement are not from your sons and daughters in police those laws were made years back which communities decided to segregate us in the say that we are bad people.

The Rwenzori East police Commander Julius Ceaser hailed the DPC for the religious bond that will bring a mutual understanding between local people and police in the entire country.

Dr. pastor Nathaniel Walemba hailed polices committement saying the door  will be branded donated by Uganda police so that when the IGP and the president comes around they can real feel the presence and work of the police to the community.

Police officers took the lead of all services well dressed in full police uniform from 8:30am up to 5:30 pm which a police choir which sang the whole day with special sermons after lunch.

In the congregation  were a cross section of people including the Kasese municipality Mayor Godfrey Kabbyanga, the bishop of south western Uganda field pastor Kakuru Benard the regional traffic officer, OC stations, CID, and professors from three universities.



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