OWC, Youth fund in Hima town council raise concern

By Taliwabo Eric

The Mayor for Hima Town council Musana Katura has expressed disappointment in which the operation wealth creation programme is being handled in the area.

Katura says the coordinators have just supplied coffee, maize, and mangoes among others without understanding the nature of the area and sensitizing the beneficiaries on the nature of the inputs.

Katura also says that the Youth Livelihood programme in Hima has not done well because only one youth group have maintained their project while others had run away from the area after failing to refund back the revolving funds.

The Kasese district Boss Geoffrey Bigogo Sibendire noted that, the district was aware that Hima town council have failed to recover the youth fund urging the community development officer to ensure they recover the funds.

He also says, the sub-county that may fail to implement the government programmes may be phased out because government had put in much money.









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