OWC Boss Urges Farmers to Embrace Inter-Cropping

By Bikeke Saimon

Col Mugarura in carrot garden -Photo by Bikeke Saimon

KASESE: Farmers in Kasese have been urged to embrace inter-cropping in order to improve the amount of yields from their agricultural produce.

Col Philip Mugarura,the in charge Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) in Kilembe Mines in Kasese says farmers have failed to effectively utilize the little land they use for cultivation.

Mugarura explains that many farmers have remained stuck to the traditional crops like matooke, cassava, cotton and coffee yet they require huge chunks of land.

He urges people to intercrop these crops with what he calls high value products like carrots, cucumber, passion fruits among others.

He says, despite the area being blessed with favorable climate, people have failed to turn it into opportunity to change their lives.

The UPDF officer also warned farmers against relying on one economic activity urging them to diversify by, for example, engaging in fish farming.

Recently Kasese received about 60,000 tilapia fish fries through government’s Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) programme to encourage fish farming in the sub counties of Nyakiyumbu, Kisinga, Kyondo, Munkunyu, Kyalhumba, Mahango, Bugoye, Kilembe, Maliba and Kasese municipality.


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