Ntoroko leaders clash again with Toro officials over Kingdom boundaries

By Alicwamu Hamis Katende

KASESE: Health officials from Tooro kingdom on Monday clashed with leaders from Ntoroko district protesting that they are not part of Tooro kingdom.

The Toro team led by the Kingdom health Minister Mr. Tito Beyeza together with their Indian funders were chased away from Rwebisengo health center III where they had went for health camp.

Ntoroko leaders accuse the Tooro kingdom officials of proposing to have one day health camp in their district without approval of the district leadership which according to them is not part of Toro kingdom.

The Ntoroko district chairperson Mr. Timothy Kyamanywa said as district leaders were not informed about the activities of the health camp and the services they were going to offer.

He said as Ntoroko district they don’t belong to Toro region but Rwenzori region.

“Our district is not under Tooro kingdom according to the constitution we have two regions of Toro and Rwenzori, we are under Rwenzori region that has districts of Kasese, Bundibugyo and Ntoroko and our supreme district council in 2012 passed a resolution saying that Ntoroko district is not under Toro kingdom” Mr Timothy Kyamanywa said.

Kyamanywa said as district cannot deny free health services to people in the district but there is need for an official communication informing all district stake holders on what is going to take place.

“Last time people were in our district vaccinating people with Hepatitis B and later government announced that medicine was fake and from there as district we took a note that if anyone want to offer any service in our district he or she must first come and discus with us on what service is going to give our people” Mr Timothy Kyamanywa said.

The health camp was one of the major activities organized by Toro kingdom to mark King Oyo Nyimba kabamba Iguru birth day anniversary of 25 years slated to take place on Monday 16 this month.

The one day health camp was to give out mosquito nets, glasses to blind people, testing of HIV services among other health services.

The Toro Kingdom Prime Minister Me Bernard Tugwako refuted claims that Ntoroko district is not under Tooro kingdom.

He said the incident is an embarrassment to the Tooro kingdom saying that it’s unfortunate to see that the subjects of the king in Ntoroko district are being denied free services.

“It’s a wrong claim to say that people of Ntoroko district don’t belong to Tooro kingdom am going to meet the team that went there and they will give a full report of what happened” Me Bernard Tugwako said.

Tugwako said during the last year Empango ceremony, the kingdom took mattress to Rwebisengo health center III to help patients and they were not denied.

He also denied allegations that the kingdom did not inform the district saying that there was official communication to the district about the activities of the health camp.

In the supreme council of Toro kingdom, Ntoroko district is fully represented by Ntoroko county Isaaza chief Mr David Mwamba and it has representatives of the clan heads.

In August 2012, while visiting Karugutu and Bweramule sub counties in Ntoroko district, the Omukama of Tooro kingdom, Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV, ordered all schools in the district to always sing the kingdom anthem during their morning assemblies.

The Omukama also lifted the blue and yellow kingdom flag at Bweramule Primary School and Karugutu Secondary School. Months later, kingdom flags were hoisted in several other schools and sub county headquarters by Tooro Kingdom officials.

The king directive was later overturned by the district council in the same year when it passed a resolution protesting the king directive and banned the singing of the kingdom anthem in all schools in the district.

Since then UJK has established that in all the functions in Ntoroko district the Tooro kingdom anthem is not sung and all the kingdom flags were removed on the orders of the Ntoroko District Council.

The district chairperson then told UJK that Tooro Kingdom should stop extending its activities in Ntoroko district.

According to Kyamanywa, Omukama Oyo is allowed to visit the district as a visitor and not as a King, because they don’t pay allegiance to him and during his visit it’s only when the flags should rise up.

Tensions between Tooro Kingdom and local leaders in Ntoroko district started in July 2012 when a group of people calling themselves “the Anti-Tooro Kingdom Interference in Butuku” emerged, claiming that Ntoroko district isn’t part of Tooro kingdom.
The group warned Tooro Kingdom against extending its cultural values and influence to Butuku.

At that time, the group protested Omukama Oyo’s planned visit to the area. In August 2012, when the Omukama visited Bweramule sub county headquarters, his security was beefed up after residents there threatened to block him.
Ntoroko County became a district in 2010 after breaking away from Bundibugyo district.

Currently Ntoroko district is under the Rwenzori region that has districts of Kasese, Bundibugyo and Ntoroko that has two kingdoms of Rwenzururu and Obudigiya Bwa Bwamba for people in Bundibugyo district.

Tooro kingdom covers the districts of Kabarole, Kamwenge, Bunyagabu, Kyenjojo and kyegegwa.

Omukama Oyo’s mother, Best Kemigisa, is a Mutuku from Ntoroko district. End

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