Municipal authorities stuck with what to do for railway health center demons

By Ronald Kule UJK Editorial

Authorities in central division in Kasese municipality are still stuck with what to do for railway health center (ii) which has been persistently attacked by demons over the years.

The facility is built at the former Kasese town council cemetery and has turned a center of demons that keep attacking health workers and patients at the health facility day and night.

Last week, the Kasese Municipal Assistant Town Clerk Zedekia Kayiri revealed plans of relocating the health facility to a safer place within railway ward but the plan has a huge financial implication to council.

Contrarily to Kayiri’s plan, Central Division Council sitting on Tuesday resolved to hold periodic prayers at railway health center as one way of containing the demons from attacking the center.

But the same strategy was tried last year with a joint inter-religious prayer service at railway health center and the demons have remained at the facility.

The Central Division Council Speaker Hassan Kamuhanda told council that it is important to pray for the departed souls who were buried at the health facility while it was still a cemetery.

According to Kamuhanda, the prayers shall be held monthly at the facility in hope of chasing away the demons.

The facility Incharge Imelda Masika says they face demons at least every week who talk, laugh and cry behind or in front of patients and health workers at the facility and disappear in thin air immediately.

Imelda says the demons have even reached the level of locking the facility toilets and outpatient rooms. END

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