Mixed reaction over Presidential hand shake

By Sylvia Kugonza

KABAROLE. A section of people from Kabarole district have expressed mixed reactions on the 6bn shillings presidential hand shake.

This month 42 government officials received 6bn shillings which is termed as presidential had shakes for having helped the government to overcome the TALO oil case.

However the deputy chief justice Steven Kavuma also issued an order stopping public, journalist and the parliament from discussing about the 6bn shillings how it was used.

Mugisa Paul a resident of Kisenyi said that the presidential hand-shake was illegal thus wasting the tax payer’s money.

He noted that this was a one way for the president to bribe public institutions so that to accomplish its hidden agenda.

Businge prosper said that there is crisis in the country where some people are using state man power to control the country.

“In Uganda corruption is getting at a higher level where the tax payer’s money is mismanaged anyhow”. He uttered.

He further stressed that these government officials should return back the money and be arrested.

“If these people are brought to book, it will help the public to know whether the president was not involved in the scandal but this is total corruption” He added.

Robert Mutunzi disclosed that this act should be condemned and not be entertained in the country.

He said that these people were not supposed to get the 6bn shillings because they were performing their duty.

He finally urged Ugandans to join hands and fight for their rights and that they should not stop at talking but the act. Ends


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