Minister for local government to respond to Kasese district split demand

By Bikeke Saimon

The minister for local governments Col. Tom Butime has pledged to respond to the overdue demand for the split of Kasese district.

Col. Butime was the chief guest at a swearing in ceremony for the leadership of the newly Rugendabara-Kitoro town council a function that was held at Rugendabara primary school on Tuesday, 24th August.

Col. Butime says that he was convinced that there is consensus to have the district split and pledged to solve the issue while in Kampala.

His statement follows several demands from different dignitaries that attended this event.

Col Butime, who advised the leaders to transform the local economy and fight poverty through private partnership and ensure environment protection added that urbanization was the way to go as far as economic growth and transformation is concerned.

“Urbanization is increasingly becoming engines of growth and facilitators of evolution of commerce and industry.” Col. Butime stressed.

Kasese District since the last 2011, agitation for the split by members of the ruling party has been the song but was being delayed after members of the opposition turned it down in parliament.

The state minister for agriculture Hon Christopher Kibanzanga who was on this same event, in his congratulatory message advised the newly elected leaders to put aside issues of politics and ensure service delivery.

Hon. Kibanzanga immediately emphasized the split of the district adding that Bundibugyo too must be split saying the population is high.

“if we don’t split Kasese and Bundibugyo districts, we are doing injustices to our people” Kibanzanga said.

Earlier on, the newly sworn in chairperson for the new town council, Mr. Daniel Kambale thanked the government for having elevated Rugendara to an urban status.

Mr. Kambale, however raised some of the challenges in the areas as lack of water, lack of health facilities, and infrastructure among others.

Meanwhile, the resident district commissioner Lt. Col. James Mwesigye thanked the residents for having voted the ruling government in the recent concluded election exercise.

Lt. Col. Mwesigye who thanked the president for solving the insecurity in the region, called upon the public to be mindful.

“What was disturbing Kasese was insecurity causing fear into the population, I want to thank the commandant in chief when he commanded, and I want to thank the security officials they acted and now Kasese is the most peaceful in the whole country. And I want to assure you and assure the population, you can joke with other things but with security? Don’t jump the red line.” Lt. Col. Mwesigye said.

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