Mental illness among women on increase

By Ronald Kule


KASESE. Health experts in kasese district have reported increasing cases of mental illnesses among women and youths in kasese.


Godfrey Mbabazi a psychological expert at kasese hospital says health related complications especially stress and drug abuse is severely affecting kasese women and youths with at least 20 cases reported at the facility every month.


Mbabazi who was addressing health stake holders at Nyamwamba division headquarters in kasese town highlighted that Mental illness in women is more of stress as a result of domestic violence in their families while is youth is due to increased intake of opium and marijuana.


He called upon leaders to prevail over their electorates by sensitizing them on how they can live without drugs and domestic wrangles.



Recently the kasese municipality Mayor Godfrey Kabyanga revealed plans by the municipal authorities to crack down on the youths engaged in drug addiction as one way of combating the vise.


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