Luzira government prison to accommodate corrupt officials

By Kikamah Ram

The president of Uganda H.E Yoweri Museveni has stressed that Luzira Government Prison will be yet another accommodation for officials involved in corruption.

Speaking at the national Labour Day celebrations in Paliisa District on Monday 1st May, the president said the other syndrome the NRM government isfacing is corruption among public servants who he believed lack patriotism.

Museveni said that now that Uganda has improved among others, road network, electricity supply, andnationaleconomy, he will not delay to arrest corrupt officials whom he described as parasites or thieves wanting to gain at the expense of the public.

Regarding the corrupt civil servants to as the public enemies, the Head of state emphasized that he wants to see over 15 million Ugandans employed in the industrial sector  as the nation’s population stands at about forty million people.

He urged the public to report any civil servant who requests for a bribe

While decrying the lack of working culture among Ugandans especially in villages, the president warned people who spend a lot of time drinking alcohol and gambling saying the government will soon make a law to regulate drinking and gambling hours.


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