Kasese children still face delayed juvenile justice

By Ronald Kule

The Kasese District Chief Magistrate Francis Matenga Dawa has noted with concern that juvenile justice in Kasese is still being delayed due to lack of a remand home in the district.

Matenga says that it takes time for the judicial system to bring children from fort portal remand home to Kasese district for case hearing because there are no available transport means to facilitate the minors.

The minors according to matenga end up spending more than five months in custody before they are brought to the children’s court in Kasese hence delay of justice.

According to reports from the Kasese district probations office, there are 26 children from Kasese at fort portal remand home.

Sowedi Kitanyawa the Kasese district social welfare and probation officer says that their efforts as the district to push for a remand home in Kasese are yet to be acted upon by the children affairs ministry. End

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