Karago town council authorities to evict Bukuuku Sub County from their offices

By Sylvia Kugonza

KABAROLE. The Chief Administration Officer Kabarole Mr.Balaba Dunstan has halted the actions of Karago town council authorities to evict Bukuuku Sub County from their offices.

Karago town council had written to Bukuuku Sub County the mother institution asking her to vacate their premises and construct their own headquarters a process that was affected by lack of land to erect the office building.

Their lack comes when Mr. and Mrs Kyoma Michael offered their one acre land in Kiguma parish to Bukuuku Sub County to establish their headquarters.

The CAO says Bukuuku should stay in the offices till they complete the construction of their head quarters.

Mr.Rwabuhinga Richard the District chairperson commended Mrs Kyota Evans for offering a family land to government institution an indication that this family loves the country.

He directed the sub county authorities to use the 8m shillings start up funds to kick start surveying and leveling the land.

This was during the District monitoring of the government programs in Bukuuku Sub County on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the LC 3 Chairperson Bukuuku sub county Mr.Kinuge Sabiiti Jorum has demanded the district to upgrade Bukuuku Health Centre IV to a hospital.

In a meeting with the district leaders led by the district chairperson Mr.Rwabuhinga Richard and Chief Administrative Officer Balaba Dustan at the facility on Wednesday during the monitoring program, Sabiiti Jorum said unlike in the past years, Bukuuku now has a two general wards, maternity ward and post natal ward  which is a great achievement for Burahya county.

He also asked the district to provide an armed security guard to protect the facility property.

The CAO says Bukuuku is well staffed with 47 health workers but argued them to continue hard working, improve on attendance so as to improve service delivery in the area.

Balaba revealed that the district has finalized plans of paying only those workers who are attending to their duties.

He thanked the medics at Bukkuku for the good attendance, their attitude towards patients and keeping the hospital very clean unlike other health centres that are dirty and their staff ever absent.

He implored the administrators to intervene and play the role of monitoring and supervision of Healh centre IIIs and remind them of their ethical codes since they are a problem in the district.


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