Kabarole Leaders Clash Over Sex Workers

By Kugonza Sylivia

KABAROLE: Kabarole District Leaders clashed at the International Women’s Day commemorations over the incursion of the sex workers on the streets of Fort Portal town.

It all started when his worship the Mayor Fort Portal, Rev.Willy Muhanga Kintu in his speech revealed that Fort Portal town has been invaded by a swam of sex workers.

According to Rev.Muhanga, the engagement of the young girls and women in this lucrative venture is a clear violation of women’s rights.

The mayor called on the district and Municipal leaders to team up remove them and create a forum to address the rampant prostitution in Fort Portal.

“Municipal leaders have finalized plans to support the education of the most vulnerable girl child to experience her full potential and fight the rampant domestic voice acts that have left thousands suffering while others dead” He revealed.

But the mayor’s statement of removing the sex workers from the streets did not go well with RDC Asiimwe Stephen who said these sex workers have a very high demand by men purchasing them.

RDC says that instead of laying strategies to cob sex workers from the streets, they should forge ways of reducing the sexual appetite of men buying them.

Applying his economics, Asiimwe described Demand as a consumer’s desire and willingness to pay a price for a specific good or service which is sex work and holding all other factors constant, an increase in the price of a good or service will decrease demand, and vice versa.

RDC Asiimwe observes that once the men with high libido refrain from demanding the services of these prostitutes, they will disappear like angels in Heaven.

The District Woman MP Kabarole Hon.Silvia Rwabwogo while officiating as chief guest observed the need for empowering these sex workers economically to start income generating projects rather than harassing them.

She says these women stormed the streets to engage in this lucrative business because of the economic challenges including education of their children.

Rwabwogo noted that ending prostitution, early marriages and teenage pregnancies requires intensifying parental guidance and empowering women with sustainable development projects.

Recently, sex workers from Masaka, Kampala, Mbarara and Kasese invaded Fort Portal, a proposed tourism city and stage along Lugard road, Moldina Street, shopping arcade and along Balya road. They charge ranging from 5000-50,000 depending on the season and the consumer. End 


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