Grass hoppers yield much for business people

By our Reporter

A cross section of seasoned business community dealing in grasshoppers in Kitholhu subcounty in Kasese district has registered profits they say improve their welfare during the Xmas festivals.

Our reporter interacted with some business women in Kithoma trading centre in Kitholhu Sub County including Ms Janet Biira of Kyabikere village who revealed that her profits are between fifty thousand and one hundred fifty thousand shillings depending on the much she invests each day.

A senior four candidate at Kitholu secondary school, Mr. Sunday Tsomwa said that he got into grasshopper business to raise school fees for next year. In the market, pieces are not fixed but depends on how best one can bargain.

In Kasese municipality some businesswomen including Ms Faridah Masika like the rest of the dealers here blame poor market to the recent attacks.

A bag of grasshoppers goes for between five hundred and one thousand
shillings. END.

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