Government Leaders blamed for Low Development in Nyakatonzi

By Kasyakulhu Julius and Bikeke Saimon

Local authorities in Nyakatonzi Sub-County Bukonzo East Constituency have attributed the low development in the area to poor monitoring and supervision by the district leadership.

Addressing community members in a meeting at the sub-county headquarters, the village chairperson LC1 for Bwanika Village Matia Kisembo stressed that development in the area is gradually limping due to reluctance of the District leadership.

The meeting was aimed at amplifying the voices of women and youths in the area.

Kisembo noted that some of the government programmes like NAADS and operation wealth creation are ceasing yet the District technical team is watching but remain silent about the situation.

He hailed the past District leadership during the regime of Yokasi Bihande, saying he prioritized monitoring of government programmes something he said spearheaded development.

However, Keija Chris, the sub-county chief Nyakatonzi Sub County commended central government for its support towards the construction of three Valley dams, empowering youth and women groups in the area.

In addition, Nyakatonze Sub County has a population of 11,000 with Four Parishes and fourteen villages. Despite the government policy each sub county to have a health centre III, this area has not accessed that since establishment in 2012.

Other challenges include poor road network, water scarcity, wild animals, school dropout, and HIV/AIDS.

“As women of this area, we walk long distances to access health services such as antenatal care, immunization, ARVs, post natal care, cervical cancer check-up, therefore we call upon government to code our health facility and equip it with drugs” Joy Kaniya said.

Nyakatonzi sub county depends on both animal rearing and farming the act that has also attracted wildlife intrude the community hampering farming and school children from attending class regularly

Four people have tested the wrath of elephants attack others surviving death, three cows killed but UWA has been adamant to address this problem.

“We don’t want to revenge, or go to bush over wild animals, but failure for the authority to solve this we are ready to revenge on the animals”   Amosi Kahigwa chairperson Lc II Nyamugasani Parish stated.

As a leader, I wonder to see that the president of the republic of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has not fulfilled his promises he made during his campaigns in 2011 and 2016 to put an electric wire along the National park to stop wild animals from destroying people’s crops and animals

According to David Mugara from Kabarole Research Centre, the project dubbed face the citizen is intended to bring leaders close to their electorates for positive change and development.

Wilson Isemusoro the Inspector of Schools in the constituency lauded the initiative saying it improves on information sharing on the achievements, challenges and lay mechanism for a desirable situation.


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