Frustration in revenue collection hindering progress

By Sylvia Kugonza, Kabarole


KABAROLE. Following reports from Fort portal municipal council, indicating that posters and burners tenderer Mr. Aston Kyaligonza was collecting 0% revenue in spite of mushrooming burners and posters on every street in the town hence causing frustration in revenue collection hindering services our reporter has begun investigations into the matter.


According to the current collections, South division the Fort portal commercial hub which is supposed to collect over 1.5 million shillings through advertising and public shows every month, it has only collected 350,000 shillings in the previous month whereas West division that has few income generating activities has competed favorably with East division collecting 36 million shillings and East division 31 million shillings.


However, the municipal revenue collections officer revealed that she had earlier on advised that since south division chairman could not be changed because of having a political office, at least the town clerk and treasurer south division is transferred to other places with immediate effect but in vain.


By time when our reporter filed this story, one client was still stranded with 200,000 shillings after being denied a single public drive which is at 500,000 shillings.





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