Fears of cholera outbreak as 702 pupils use one dilapidated toilet with teachers

By Ronaldo Kule

Over seven hundred pupils at Kigoro primary school in Nyamwamba division, Kasese municipality are being exposed to threats of cholera outbreak due to the hygiene gap in toilet facility at the school.

The school is only relying on one toilet facility which is shared by both teachers and pupils and to make matters worse, the toilet is unhygienic and already full with human waste.

The School Head Teacher Kato Herbert Centenary told our reporter on Monday they find it very hard to ease themselves at the same time with pupils in the same three stance latrine.

He says the school has failed to get the two million shillings required to complete a new latrine facility which has since 2015 stalled at foundation level.

The Kasese Municipal Education Officer Emily Kayiri says the Municipal Authority has no immediate funds to cater for the said school challenge.

However the Kasese Municipality Member of Parliament Robert Centenary says it’s a pity for council to say they can’t find two million shillings to fix the challenge which he say is likely to result into a huge health disaster to the learners and teachers.

Kigoro primary school is one of the many government schools that are struggling with operation challenges especially inadequate infrastructures. END

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