Domestic violence on increase during this cotton harvest season

UJK editorial 

A cross section of cotton farmers in Kasese district have reflected on reasons why domestic violence is on the increase during the cotton harvest period.

Our reporter interacted with various cotton farmers during a community debate about domestic violence held at Katholhu trading centre in Nyakiyumbu Sub County, Kasese district.

Mrs. Kabugho Mary and other farmers attributed the domestic violence to the misunderstanding between married couples whom she said arose from lack of transparency as men resort to sex workers in trading centers and desert their women.

Ms. Agnes Kabugho a resident of Katholhu village in Nyakiyumbu Sub County said women are sometimes betrayed by their husbands whom she accused of hiding money from cotton sales and later misuse it.

Mr. Bamugeya Julius a resident of Lyakirema village in Nyakiyumbu Sub County told our reporter that they don’t trust women with the management of money since they keep repeating the message of divorce and that they don’t help them as they plant cotton.

Mr. Raha Baluku Edson a resident of Bwera Sub County attributed domestic violence during cotton harvesting to what he referred to as excessive freedom to women.

The chairperson LC3 for Nyakiyumbu sub county Mr. Sunday  Peter Kakule  who spoke to Umbrella for Journalists attributed the increased domestic violence to demand by women who only appear at harvesting period yet they have not been engaged at the initial stages.

Meanwhile, farmers decried the low cotton prices amidst the low cotton production adding that government would have reinstated the price of cotton to at least three thousand shillings.



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