Documenting media rights violations that include unnecessary arrests, suppression, intimidations and threats, poor pay and unnecessary censorship, killings and abductions is our core principal here.


Because of the strategic linkages between UJK, other Human Rights Defenders organizations  and Media Houses, UJK will expose such violations and other practices of the state that demonstrate compelling elements of Human Rights violations and also to refer cases that need special treatment to human rights organizations.


List of people that have been assassinated in Kasese and Rwenzori

On May 3.2012 Amon Thembo the journalist was killed in Bwera by yet to be known killers and in same month Sele Makariyo, Isaya Kirilhuhandi, Capacity Masereka and Hannington Senzelya and Kipepere were also murdered. In July 2013, john Muthengera was killed in Mpondwe lhubiriha town council.

On Sept. 29.2012 Julius Baghendayi of Buhungamuyagha in Ihandiro. A week after Sunday Muhindo a 17 year old boy was also killed in the same area.

On Oct.12.2012, Private Ivan Mugenyi was shot dead in Hima. On Feb.9.2013, Justine Biira Basuba was found dead in kihara of Kasese municipality. On March 27.2013 Julius Kisembo Bafera was attacked and killed from home in Kamasasa village of karambi.

On June .10.2013 Teddy Biira Kyeyomba was also killed form her home in Kathoma in karambi after she came from the market. Three days after a 17 year old Mumbere was shot down.

Others who were killed previous years include ; Tom Baluku and ,Vito Muhindo [1980], Micheal Kalyaki [1988], Dr.Henry Bwambale [1994] ,Boniface Mbalibula [1998], Swizen Muhesi and Piyo [2000] ,Moses Ngulhube [2001], Gideon Mwaka [2008], Lameki Mupasula and Godwin Bwambale [2010] ,Stephen Kule and Kalyabolho [2011].

Because of mysterious illegal gun use, residents in the area come up openly to criticize their leaders for failure to protect them.

The kasese woman MP Winfred Kiiza faulted government for the problem blaming it for not producing any report about the mysterious deaths. Because of her demand she was summoned by police headquarters to go and record statement about the utterances but the case died a natural death after police failed to get sufficient evidence to pin her.

  • Late Amon Thembo Wamupaghasia a veteran journalist was killed in cold blood on May 12, 2012 by unknown assailants whose motive remains a mystery to every journalist as he tried to retire home after a long day of videography. He was a mentor for most of the journalists in Kasese district especially in the area of photo journalism, television production and media research. It is our prayer that in the near future with the availability of a potential fund, a special award under the names Amon Thembo Wamupaghasia media reporting excellence award is established to encourage journalists on specialized reporting. We still want to work with the family in realising his dream of a community television station under Mupaghasia Community Television Centre (MCTC).


  • Joy Doreen Biira A KTN news journalist together with her fiancé were on November 27, 2016 evening allegedly picked from her home in Kasese by uniformed men and detained at Kasese CPS over her social media post on the violence between the kingdom loyalists and national government forces.


  • Umbrella for Journalists in Kasese on January 26, of 2017 unknown people break into their office and took their office equipments. This is an organisation that was on the forefront following the violations of rights in the district and the Rwenzori sub region since 2014.


  • Erasmus Irumba was the coordinator of the activities of Twerwaneho Listeners Club (TLC) in Ntoroko District. TLC is a non-governmental organisation based in Fort Portal, in the Rwenzori Region of western Uganda. [On 23 June 2017, at approximately 7.30pm, Erasmus Irumba was reportedly summoned to go to Butungama trading centre for a meeting with senior security officials in his region, including the Commanding Officer Lt. Col. Richard Muhangi of Uganda People’s Defense Forces 3rd Mountain Battalion, with two of his escorts, the Ntoroko District Police Commander and the District Internal Security Organ Officer. During this meeting, Erasmus Irumba and another civilian who was with him were shot in the leg in an altercation that has been this far presented as arising from his attempt to resist arrest. Whilst still alive, but severely bleeding, Erasmus Irumba and his colleague were put in the boot of a private car and driven to a more rural area where they were shot dead. Erasmus Irumba’s body, which presented a gun wound in the forehead, was later taken to Buhinga Regional Referral Hospital in Fort Portal.


  • Bighanzire Matayo a civilian was shot dead in Bwesumbu by soldiers on August 18, 2017. “I have called for the arrest of the soldier who shot and killed Bighanzire Matayo. This in my view will reinforce the peace massages we have been delivering to the people of the Region. Otherwise how do I now tell the people of Bwesumbu that government is for peace when Omutaka is killed in cold blood at his home” Bigogo the LC 5 narrates.  The UPDF 2nd Division spokesperson Maj. Peter Mugisa confirmed the killing of Matayo Bighanzire. Mzee Arthur Mbarage, an elder and Councilor of Bwisumbo Sub County was ambushed and stubbed near death by unknown assailants. It is alleged that he identified the deceased to be among those who attacked him.   Army officers from the Kasangali Detach waylaid Bighanzire at his house on the Friday morning, and according to the security officers when he was ordered to come out of the house, he instead jumped through the window with two knives and grabbed one Private Wycliffe Amanya and stubbed him on the shoulder and head. In self-defense, Pte Amanya shot him dead, they added.