Defilement, child labor and early marriages drivers of child violation

By Kasyakulhu Julius

Poor economic background and defilement have been ranked the most for the violation of children’s rights the Programme Officer Youth Focus Uganda, Kasese Branch Mr. Robert Mutiba has revealed.

During the training of community Based monitors at white house in Kasese town, members noted among others poor economic background, defilement, child labor, child neglect and early marriages as the drivers of child violation.

The training under the theme building capacities of community based monitors to understand, monitor the implementation and influence advocacy was aiming at making awareness among the community members.

Robert asked the different organizations to empress advocacy for the children’s rights and work as ago between the communities and the Government arms for their protection.

Hon. Enock Muhindo, the coordinator Kasese youth advocacy group asked the different CSOs to empress cooperation in reporting about the violation of children’s rights.

Enock further asked the CSOs to embark on advocating for the youth on agriculture which he said was the immediate solution to unemployment among them.



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