Crop failure hits Kasese maize farms as drought persist

By Kule Ronald

KASESE. Over four hundred acres of maize plantation in Kasese district have been put to waste following the persistent drought that ravaged the entire district since November last year.

Most maize plantations have developed dry brown leaves and others dried up at flowering stage especially in sub counties of Karusandara, Kitswamba, mukunyu, maliba and nyakiyumbu all in Kasese district.

According to figures from the district agricultural department, 80 percent of farmers in Kasese district are engaged in maize plantation.

Ddembe Kasozi a commercial farmer in Karusandara Sub County, who planted eighty acres of maize last season, says he will hardly harvest 40perdry maize plantationcent of the plantation due to total crop failure as a result of the prolonged dry spell.

Kasozi told our reporter that he invested over ten million in the plantation process with hopes of getting better yields but now says he is devastated.

Kasozi, who was touring the state minister for agriculture Hon. Christopher Kibazanga on his maize plantation, wants government to help them as farmers with mobile irrigation water system observing that they would have saved lots of acres if they were not incapacitated with modern methods of farming.

He says they expected rain in September but it didn’t come, up to November whereby it also appeared for only one week before disappearing completely thus causing a huge toll to many farmers in the district.

Elizabeth Biira another farmer in Kitswamba who planted sixty two acres of maize, says only about ten acres will give her yields.

She also prays that government supports them so that they can start irrigating their farms during the dry season.

The state minister for agriculture Christopher Kibazanga who felt sorry for the drought impact to Kasese farmers, however revealed plans by government to boost water for production by pumping water to farms using hydro water systems.

Also other crops that were destroyed include beans, cassava and coffee.END

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