Citizens Asked to Monitor Budget Implementation

By Bikeke Saimon

The public has been asked to monitor the implementation of government programmes and projects for qualitative and quantitative output.

The appeal was made by Community Integrated Development Initiatives (CIDI) Advocacy Officer Dan Semakula during the regional training of youth from Western region chapter in local government planning and budgeting processes held in Kabarole.

Semakula said that citizens need to critically look at the governments resources such as vehicles and qualities of the supply being made, kind of doing channel to allow resources benefits the population and serve for a long time.

“The quality of service delivery in Uganda is still wanting, our interest is that every citizen should get involved in eliminating corruption using the available resources sparingly and meet the demands of the communities”.  Semakula asserted.

Semakula also implored the youth to actively participate in early government planning and budgeting cycle so that most of their issues can be integrated and mainstreamed for funding.

He additionally advised the youth to hold accountable those misusing the available money provided to change their lives.

The idea of saying we are the majority does not help, how many of your issues are now being integrated in the budget and planning of government, that will change your life and you should be able to track money that is being provided for you and on the contrarily those youth misusing the funds, prevail on them so that it can cause impact” Semakula stated.

According to the Assistant Policy and Advocacy Manager who doubles as the Coordinator National Youth Platform Advocacy (NYAP), Mr. James Cleto Mumbere, the reason to why youth have consistently felt their issues are not being heard, implemented and financed is that there has been a wide gap between their leaders at different levels.

Cleto divulged the need to enhance the capacity of the youth to understand budgeting processes and planning in its initial stages. He noted that the training of the youth was timely ahead of next year budget co-circular.

“Now that the planning of the subsequent year 2019/2020 is going to start in August 31st, the youth have been given a cycle and have gotten to know as when to bring their issues and when they are able to follow them and tract the implementation.We believe that going forward, the whole country is going to have a wave of change where youth are going to perfectively be participating in these processes because the same training has been given to the rest of other regions, West Nile, the North and the Central.” Cleto declared.

Cleto says NYAP did a mapping study in some of the districts in the country which found out that there are silent issues which are peculiar to the youth like ineffective participation of youth in leadership, high levels of unemployment, lack of business entrepreneurship skills and non-functionality of established youth structures among others. End


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