Butcher men call off their one week strike

By Sylvia Kugonza, Kabarole


KABAROLE. On Monday this week butcher men from Fort Portal municipality Kabarole district strike without slaughtering any animal accusing the municipal council for increasing the revenue.


The butcher men were accusing the municipal council, for increasing the revenue rates without their consent.


The disgruntled butcher men said that the municipal council increased the revenue collection rates whereby a goat has been at 6000 and increased to 10,000, a cow at 10000 and increased to 150,000 claiming that the rates are unfair compared to what they earn.


Meanwhile the calling off of the strike came after the Mayor Fort Portal municipality Willy Kintu Muhanga’s innervations on Tuesday.


In a meeting that was convened in the office of the mayor between butcher men, tenderers, they agreed to reduce on the rates by 2000 shillings.


The Mayor asked the renderers to reduce revenue for the betterment of the municipality whereby a got is charged 8000 and cow at 13000.


However there are still complaints from tenderers that they are going to incur losses.




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