Bududa woman fails 10,000shs injection to control birth, a measure needed to reduce on population growth

A 30 years old woman in Bukalasi Sub County in Bududa district has failed to get 10,000shs for a family planning injection to control birth, a crucial measure required to stop the overgrowing pressure on the land in Bududa due to overpopulation.

Susan Namono a mother of four says she is willing to control birth but her and the husband are too poor to afford the money needed for the injection amidst other pressing family demands.

Namono who lost four relatives including her mother and father during the October last year Bududa landslides explained to our reporter in an exclusive interview on Wednesday last week that the situation has never been the same adding that she is not sure whether she will be considered for the first phase of government resettlement project in Bulambuli district.

The Bududa District Chairperson Wilson Watira says overpopulation is one of the factors causing natural calamities in Bududa because there is a lot of pressure on the land by locals for settlement and human activities.

He says namono situation is shared by many other women in bududa who continue to produce many children without hope for settlement.

Watira told our reporter most locals have crossed the settlement boundaries and tempered with the buffer zones and weakened the soils on the mountain slopes thus leading to landslides.

He said efforts to enroll mothers on family planning in Bududa have failed because most families prefer and pride themselves in producing more children.

A senior environmental journalist working with New Vision Gerald Tenywa recommends that an affirmative action should be taken by government for Bududa residents in areas of education like scholarships and free family planning outreaches.END

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