About us

Unwanted Witness Cordinator stressing a point at UJK offices
UJK members with His majesty OBR
Assistant warden 2nd left George Businge, environment officer Evelyn Mugume and farmers planting reeds on banks of R. Nyamwamba UJK covered
Ssebaggala meeting UJK members at their head office


Umbrella for Journalists in Kasese (UJK) is a nonprofit making organization that brings together journalists who work in the area. The organization is not inclined to any political party. We make sure that we remain impartial and tolerant to all mankind except where the moral questions are raised.

The member journalists are motivated by researching and writing about the truth in the society and keeping everyone informed of what is happening around them.

The organization was founded by self-driven journalists on March 15, 2013 during a meeting that was attended by 24 members to start with. The members of UJK include journalists who specialize in print, electronic and social media.

UJK wants to enlighten the entire community of Kasese district, the Rwenzori sub-region and anywhere in the world where our work can be felt/deemed important to humanity.

UJK is registered by Kasese District Local Government under the registration number 1751 and it is now among the community based organizations that are tasked with the advocacy for the welfare of the entire population.

UJK has been a leading media practitioners’ group in ensuring there is peace, unity, harmony and tranquility in the Rwenzori sub-region which has been subject to tribal/ethnic clashes and conflicts. It is our belief that conflicts hinder development of any area because the rate of production in the community slows down as people are engaged in fighting.

It is our core value to participate in guiding the community into abiding to the rules of democracy, cherishing independent thinking, dialogue for conflict resolution and encouraging hard work if the society is to be a better place for everyone to live in.

As a matter of career development, UJK values capacity building as a paramount step to be taken on by every member of the organization. We shall always link up with well wishers, partners and other highly ranked media organizations to organize refresher courses (trainings), focus group discussions, conferences and story contests for the journalists to ensure that everyone improves in their work.

At UJK, it is everyone’s obligation to abide by the established media ethical code of conduct, abide by the positive media laws and also express concern on how those other hash laws can be bended or repealed to make Uganda a better place for a journalist. We shall always link up with local, national and international media organizations to drive forward in media development and positive activism.

In our future, UJK looks at initiating media awards in any categories that will be deemed suiting for the different issues touching the community in which we work. We can look at how journalists cover different issues in the community that may include health, education, human rights, arts and culture, tourism and agriculture among others.

At UJK, we are inspired by the works of the Late Amon Thembo Wamupaghasia a veteran journalist who was killed in cold blood as he tried to retire home after a long day of videography on May 12, 2012 by unknown assailants whose motive remains a mystery to every journalist. He was a mentor for most of the journalists in Kasese district especially in the area of photo journalism, television production and media research. It is our prayer that in the near future with the availability of a potential fund, a special award under the names Amon Thembo Wamupaghasia media reporting excellence award is established to encourage journalists on specialized reporting. UJK still wants to work with the family in releasing his dream of a community television station under Mupaghasia Community Television Centre.

In our Lhukonzo dialect it is always said “ Ebyalha Bibiri Byebinabania” literally meaning they are two hands that wash one another.  This means that not only the efforts of the members and management of UJK can bring the light to our community but with the support by everyone who visits our website, read and internalizes our activity information; give support, everything is possible.

Physically, Umbrella for Journalists in Kasese offices can be found in Kisanga A, Kisanga Ward, Nyamwamba Division of Kasese Municipality, Kasese district. We are proud to be called a community change agent for a better, Kasese, Rwenzori, Uganda and Africa.



Vision: “An independent and impartial press.”

Mission: “Transforming our society through citizen journalism, providing balanced, fair, well-researched information for development, protect and respect media practitioners’ rights based on recognized national and international ethics and canons of mass media and laws”.

 Goal:   “To promote media excellence among the journalists”.