A rain maker flee from earthly deeds

By Baluku Binahadad   

A 34 year old man in Katholhu village of Nyakiyumbu sub-county in Bukonzo West Constituency who would be accused of being a rain maker was on Saturday 6th, baptized in the full Gospel church.

Morris Bwambale Mugisa alias Salvin was baptized by Pastor Josam Lubowa after accepting that he had truly turned to Jesus Christ as his Savior.

Mugisa testified that he started getting involved in the rain business in 2015 but by the beginning of this year, he decided to accept Jesus Christ to control his life, a reason why he was baptized.

John Baluku Kasulenge, one of the residents in Katholhu village said that Mugisa was well known as a rain maker, adding that sometimes the community members would torture him by throwing stones at him.

Baluku extended his appreciation to God for having transformed Mugisa’s life and called upon other people claiming to be rain makers to learn from their colleague Mugisa.

In a separate interview shortly after the baptism session, Pastor Josam Lubowa, the Overseer of Bwera Full Gospel Church said that people will not get salvation because of names they have but by the name and grace of Jesus Christ. 

Lubowa cautioned some Christians who he said boast over others that they were saved but when they were still doing things that do not please God.


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